I think I understand what is happening on my journey. Well, it’s more of a hunch. The more I stay on twin flame sites, talk about my twin flame, and blog about him, the more I am blocking this from happening.

It feels like all this talk an obsession over him and this journey is the opposite of surrender right now.

I need to break this cycle. I have been getting strong signals from the universe to do anything but focus on him and anything that will remind me of him. So that is what I am going to do, until the universe alerts me to do otherwise.

So this is my last blog for a while.

If this works, and things go well, I will be back here to blog about it. If I have not written anything, it is because nothing has happened yet.

I’m leaving all the blogs up for people to read if they choose to do so. If it helps other people who have recognized their soul, understand something about themselves and this journey by reading my own thoughts and discoveries, then I will be a happy camper.

If you leave any comments or messages, they will be approved when I get back on this site.

Have a beautiful journey everyone! No matter what your journey is.


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