Today has been an interesting day. Mom is learning that the universe works with us if we just allow ourselves to go with the flow and be open to any possibility.

It’s funny how this is being shown to me.

I have been the one teaching her how to trust in the universe and to be aware of the flow and divine timing, and yet she is the one who has learned so quickly to surf these waves while I at times still feel I am struggling to keep my head above water.

Her life has made dramatic changes, and often times they seemed like complete disasters, and through those tough times I have been there reminding her to trust the process, and that sometimes the things that appear as chaos, can be the biggest blessings.

Her house burned down in a fire here. She is getting a divorce. She has taken in her best friend who needed a home, but needs to find a place for her. Her sister in law that was a big support system for her, had been pulling away. Her whole life seemed to be crumbling around her and the weight of taking care of everyone was feeling heavy.

Then one day she just got it. She trusted and no longer was in fear of what the day would become, and then the magic happened.

Insurance paid off, and she got more than she expected from the house fire. Her husband has agreed to the divorce peacefully. Her sister in law learned of the divorce and she has been her biggest support system aside from me. Her friend is preparing to move out and in with her daughter. An old flame from over 20 years ago, has popped up and has showered her with love and tenderness. Something she was missing from her marriage for many years.

Everything seems to be just falling right into place, and her surrender to all of this, is showing me that surrender is safe and magical.

Even after all my writing and learning about surrender, there was always a fear that something might go wrong.

I love the way the universe works, and I love that they are taking care of my mom.

It’s time I walk my talk.


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