You can’t get outside confirmation on who your divine other is, but sometimes outside opinions, can help you look into your journey with different eyes.

Someone recently told he that he is not my twin flame. After some thought, I came to realize that she is right, and she is wrong. She did say he has potential. I had to think a bit to understand what she meant by that.

He simultaneously is and is not my twin flame, and I am the observer. How I observe this, determines the outcome. He has everything required to become my divine other in this lifetime. He has the potential. However, it is I who controls it, through observation and through this is my ability to manifest.

What I observe, continues. What I put my attention on, the universe will give me more of that. If I do not like something, then it is best I do not continue to observe it and instead put my attention on things I do like.

Right now, he is not awake. I used to obsess, like most of us who woke up first and we had or still have those incessant thoughts of them that consume us. But that obsession, those thoughts, were focused on someone who was not awake, so the universe kept giving me more of that.

The obsessive thoughts are there because our soul recognized our soul and it got excited. It felt amazing to find our soul after all this time feeling separated. It’s the most amazing high anyone could have. I wrote a piece on that called “Chase the Love Dragon“. It feels great so we want more, but they are not awake, so what were focusing on is a sleeping person.

Surrendering, means to relax those obsessive thoughts, that push energy, that ‘chaser’ energy. All of that is created out of fear of losing our other soul. So the universe gives us more of what we fear.

Meanwhile our potential divine partner, is just that, potential. They are in waiting, sort of speak, for us to observe them as a sleeper, or release them so they can grow. So in a sense, they are like the Schrodinger experiment. They are neither one or the other, while in the box.

Ok, even I admit that this blog post is a little abstract, but I’m in an abstract mood. Hopefully you can follow what I am trying to convey.

We as the observer have all the control in this. They as our other half of our soul, are helping us learn to manifest by reacting to how we create. As long as we focus on them while they are asleep, they will continue to stay asleep, according to the universe and how it gives us what we focus on or resonate to. So to change this, we must change our focus.

This is where surrender helps a lot. We must pull away from the sleeping potential twin, and instead focus on an awake twin. Guess who that is? You! You are the awakened twin! Focus on you and the universe will give you more of that.

Let your sleeping, potential, twin, go. You don’t want to walk away from them forever, you want to stand in your own divineness, and be open to your awakened twin, and with compassion and love, give your sleeping, potential twin to the universe.

I have come to realize that the guy I am connected to, is not my twin flame/ divine partner, because he is not awake to become one. My soul is in his body. We do share the same soul and outside of our physical bodies, we are connected, but for him to be my divine other in this life, he must be awake, and right now, he is not.

While he is sleeping, I will not entertain this struggle. It will only be a back and forth game of emotional highs and lows. Bliss and heartbreak. Calling and ignoring. Making plans and ghosting. Wanting me, but marrying someone else, and so on.

There are many factors in all of this, but it all comes down to balancing energies, and proper focus. If you are the divine partner who is awake, then you are the one with all the power in this, and your soul is ready to take on this ability and has sent a part of your soul out in another body, to help you learn how to be a divine creator. Bringing you and your divine other into union, is your first step in ascension.

I went off on a tangent a bit, but here is the basics that I am learning so far.

I woke first and that means I am the one whose job it is to create and learn to manifest.

My other soul will remain as only potential, and sleeping, until I learn to balance my energies and focus.

My other soul will mirror back to me when I am on the right path or have gone off the path.

To balance my energies and focus properly, I must stop any energy that is controlled by fear. Fear controlled energy is chasing, and obsessive thinking of him.

To focus on what I want, I focus on the awakened twin, (who is me) and I continue to expand on my growth and awakening.

Until I learn to balance my energies and focus on what I want, he will remain just a potential, in waiting.


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