I’m in bed, dreaming away. In my dream I am under water and I hear a voice say “Some twin flames go down a family line” and then I am shown a fish biting a piece of seaweed that has grown into letters that spells out a name. I was not shown the name but I knew it was a family name. I don’t think the name itself was not important but to just know that the symbols are connected to a family line. The seaweed and the fish were twin flames in my dream, or at least they symbolized twin flames.

So I wake-up thinking the dream was pretty weird, but it keeps nagging at me, so I google “twin flame fish biting seaweed”. and I think to myself that there is no way I am going to find any connection with twin flames, fish and seaweed, but I am going to google it anyway because my mind won’t let this dream go.

Imagine my surprise when I google this, and I find a web page that says “Mary from (his country)”! ( I can’t mention his country out of respect for his privacy). I open the page and it’s all about twin flames! Not only is she a twin flame but she is from the same town that my twin was born in!

The first thing I read on her page says “There are no coincidences”.

I had to send her a message! I told her about my dream and how I found her page and how of all the millions of times I have googled ‘twin flame’, I have never found her page until now, and how her page doesn’t mention anything about fish and seaweed, yet I was still led there. I am awaiting her reply.

To recap. I was told in a dream that twin flames can run down a family line. I was shown symbols that prompted me to search for the meaning online. I find someone who is a twin flame, living in his hometown where his family may still reside. She may possibly be related to him or know of him.

You can’t make this shit up!


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