I’m not a Christian, but I do believe there is truth in most religions. That somewhere in the past, was the true message, and as time passed, religions sprouted, and gave their own interpretation of the message.

Lately Spirit has been showing me the meaning of this verse. When I first met my other soul, I was shown that I needed to be like a child. I didn’t understand what this meant. I knew that it had something to do with the mentality of a child, but what part? I looked for all the possible ways that I could adopt child behavior and mentality. I took up playing again. I drew and painted more, just like I did as a child. I played outside more, such as going or walks and climbing trees. I didn’t allow myself to be embarrassed when I fell or tripped while snowboarding, or learning to surf. Just as a child would when they were learning something they loved. No matter how much they fell, they may have cried for a bit, but they got back up and tried again, and they were not concerned with what other people thought of them.

This was all good and healthy stuff to do, but Spirit kept repeating, “be like a child”. I thought to myself “okay, there is more to this, but what?”.

What does a child do? What consumes a child’s thoughts and actions? From the moment they wake until they go to sleep, what is their main focus? Then it came to me. It’s to have fun! They go towards the fun, they focus on what to do to have fun, where the next fun is, how can they create more fun, and they don’t waste a second thought on anything that is not fun for them. They don’t dwell on it. They don’t concern themselves with what can go wrong. It is only when the adults get in the way, that the children begin to lose their mindset and the worry takes its place of having fun.

Aiming for fun, is a part of surrender. To go where the joy is and not to worry about the things we cannot control, and to trust that the universe will take care of the rest. Just as a child trusts the adults to take care of them.

So why then is this a thing with twin flames and why does it say that this is the path to heaven? Twin flames are here to bring heaven to earth, or more accurately, to show everyone that heaven has always been here. We only need to get rid of all the belief systems that block us from feeling the heaven that is here.

As long as we worry and focus on the bad in our lives, we create more bad in our lives. We are powerful creators. What we think, we create. When we switch from worry and struggle, to that of fun and carefree living, we send out a signal, a vibration of sorts, to the universe that this is what we desire, and the universe returns in kind.

The universe does not judge. It gives us exactly what we ask for. The thing is, we have not been taught how to ask. We have been functioning on autopilot, in a state of worry and strife. We have been told we have to work hard, we have to sacrifice, we have to endure, we have to fight, to get anywhere in life. We, as powerful creators, make that a true reality, simply be believing in it and actively moving in that state. That is the language the universe understands. The universe reads that signal, and gives us what we ask for. All we have to do is switch the channel, switch our way of thinking, and the universe responds in kind.

To open up heaven here on earth, we have to tell the universe we want heaven here, and the universe pulls away the blinders so that we can see it has always been here. Others will see the change in our lives and this helps them see that this is a reality for everyone, and more people begin to expose the heaven that has always been here.

Be like a child, follow the joy, and have fun in life and let the universe worry about the struggles.

It seems that all the teachings I have been shown, all lead back to one thing, and that is to surrender. To be in the Now moment, to let go of control, to follow joy, to love oneself, all point back to surrender. Surrender is the key to heaven.


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