When their heart is shut, they are unaware of the connection in a big way. When they feel their heart opening up and they feel the strong bonding process occurring, it is scary being around their other half, so they may run, in some way. They run in order to put their heart under control again. They want to close it up and block it from feeling.

It is important that they be shown compassion and patience. When they are experiencing this, opening up to their twin, can make them feel uncomfortable. Instead of trying to get them to focus their love on you, just get them to focus on love in any way. Do they love nature? Do they love their family? Is there art or music that speaks to them? just get their heart open.

You don’t have to push them to see you and love you, you just have to help them open up to Love, in any way. When their heart is open, it will guide them in the right direction. You don’t need to control it. Trust that their heart will lead them to where they need to be. If their heart doesn’t lead to you, then trust that it is not time. No one had to tell you or convince you who you love. You discovered it all on your own. You simply had to have an open heart that was willing to love. The same goes for your divine half.

Open their heart and trust that Love will always choose the right path.


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