There is a lot of talk regarding this, and I feel the answer is a little complicated. I can’t say it’s impossible to have more than one twin flame, because we are capable of anything as spiritual beings, but for me personally I have not had any connection that is anything close to what I felt with my twin flame. However, I have had a very good, strong connection with a friend of mine, as far as telepathic type stuff, and it has been fun, but no where compares to my twin flame and I am sure what my friend and her twin flame feel, is by far stronger and more in depth than anything or any connection outside of theirs.

So I wonder if people out there are experiencing some amazing connections with more than one person and assuming that this is what it is like to have a twin flame and therefore stating that one can have multiple twin flames, but in reality, they may have not experienced the intensity of an actual twin flame.

It’s easy to misunderstand what this is. There are a lot of people out there claiming to have a twin flame, only to learn later that they just meant they had strong feelings for someone and felt very close to them, and they thought that meant this person was the other half of their soul. It’s wonderful to have good connections with other people, and to love them, but it is not the same as a twin flame connection.

To describe the connection is very difficult because most of the feelings are so different from what we normally experience, that there have been no words invented to describe it. The best I can do is use word and terms that I have experienced personally and but it is not always the same for everyone as our bodies respond differently, such as, feeling yourself through another, recognizing spiritual home in someone else, knowing them as if from a deep past, you found them and realized you had always been looking for them although you were not aware of it at the time, an energy in your body just above the heart that radiates and glows and is a feeling of hot and cold combined that radiates the more you stay open to loving your twin and others, synchronicities following you everywhere, kundalini awakening, a strong pull to be very close to your twin, a desire to open up completely to them and you tend to overshare, an obsessive almost intrusive thoughts of your twin that never goes away after there is an energetic/soul connection, strong physical attraction, feeling when they will contact you and it being confirmed when they do, feeling them thinking of you, feeling their emotional pain or joy, your core beliefs and attitudes are similar even if superficial beliefs are not the same, feeling them touch you when they are not there in person, and so much more, yet this does not come close to describing it.

So far, I have not met twin flames in union who have said they had more than one.

I hope this makes some sense. These are just my speculations, from my experience and point of view.


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